Many apologies! ~ Muchas disculpas!

To the few, the proud, and the loyal Bike Friendly Farmers Branch’ers out there … We are so terribly sorry for the lack of activity on the blog over the last couple of months.  After founding the site with much excitement and energy, our humble founder ran into some serious activity at work.  Never having hosted a blog like this before, he lost sight of just how out of date the site was!  Never fear, however.  BFFB is back in action and our intrepid founder has enlisted the help of a couple of friends to make this site better than ever.  We’re thinking group rides originating from Farmers Branch, partnerships with bike friendly local businesses, events co-sponsored by our local bike shop (we hope!), and much, much more.  Stay tuned for details!


Para unos pocos, los orgullosos, y la bicicleta Branch’ers leales agricultores amistoso por ahí … Estamos tan terriblemente mal por la falta de actividad en el blog en el último par de meses. Después de fundar el sitio con mucho entusiasmo y energía, nuestro fundador humilde se encontró con una actividad seria en el trabajo. No haber sido sede de un blog como este antes, perdió de vista hasta qué punto de la fecha el lugar fue! No tenga miedo, sin embargo. EFFE está de vuelta en acción y nuestro fundador intrépidos ha contado con la ayuda de un par de amigos para hacer este sitio mejor que nunca. Estamos pensando en paseos del grupo procedentes de Farmers Branch, las asociaciones con empresas locales moto fácil, eventos co-patrocinado por nuestra tienda local de bicicletas (¡esperamos!), Y mucho, mucho más. Estén atentos para más detalles!

  1. Phillip Anselmo

    Looks like you’re out of date again (over a year!?!?!?)! I’ve had nothing but terrible experiences at Performance Bike. Definitely worth driving over to Richardson.

    • Yes, completely out of date. My wheels have been off with respect to this blog – no pun intended. I’ve got a buddy I’m trying to get fired up to help me post on this thing more regularly, and I’d like to get some rides together in the FB area.

      As for Performance Bike, couldn’t agree more. I’ve been in there a few times and I am not the slightest bit impressed with their service. I always leave there thinking I just need to go to Richardson Bike Mart. Too bad. There was a lot of promise in having a bike shop in FB.

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